Pitch improvement


Our pitches have suffered from waterlogging and worm casts. We experienced a large number of cancellations due to waterlogging in the 2019/20 season. We also had to spend a considerable sum booking the Uckfield 3G pitch to fulfil our fixtures. So we commissioned a Pitch Improvement Programme report from the Sussex FA. 

The report recommends:

- a long-term programme of top dressing of sand / soil mix targeted at specific areas;
- renovation aimed at producing a thick grass sward;
- fertiliser programme for spring / summer and autumn / winter.

We want to follow the report’s recommendations with the aims of:

- improving the quality of the playing surface;

- reducing postponement of matches;
- allowing for the hosting of one more adult team (hopefully a women’s team) and hopefully another junior team.

This will be a six year project for us which we are calling our Pitch Improvement Project. The costs of doing everything we want to are considerable. We are approaching a number of organisations in the hope of securing funding for different activities included in the project. Each activity can stand on its own and will make a significant improvement to our pitches.